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Rose Jackson-Beavers has spoken to over 4,000 congregants about building behavioral-health ministries in their churches. In 2015, The Behavioral Health Network of Greater St. Louis hired Beavers to co-create a model for faith-based communities to reduce mental health stigma for their Bridges to Care & Recovery Program. Bridges to Care & Recovery works with churches to give pastors and their designees twenty hours of mental health education. It was successful, and Beavers and her team trained 114 congregations in St. Louis, Missouri, and East St. Louis, during her tenure. As a result of the success of the Bridges Program, San Antonio, Texas, has adopted the model. On December 31, 2022, Beavers retired from the Behavioral Health Network as the Director of Faith-based Initiatives. She desired to go home and enjoy her family, especially her grandson, Isaiah. But because of the continuing need for churches to become involved in the mental health ministry in her hometown in Illinois, she was called by pastors to return to training churches. The Bridges to Care and Recovery Program continues to do excellent work in St. Louis. Rose’s work will involve training other states with more advanced topics. In January of 2023, Beavers created her newest program to continue the ministry she loves.

Why is the faith-based community so important in this ministry?

Beavers states that it is essential for pastors and churches to get involved and help educate their communities about the importance of mental health and taking care of themselves. The community seeks out the church to offer services like after-school programs, food pantries, funerals, weddings, and much more. Why not seek out the church for mental health education, resources, and information?

As of June 2023, Beavers began providing further consultation through the Breaking Behavioral-Health Barriers (BBB) Faith Project. She emphasizes the importance of congregations participating in behavioral health training to ensure churches understand how to support people in an emergency and are ready to respond and assist before they are in crisis. In addition, Beavers’ program trains individuals to understand how to reduce the mental health stigma and connect people to local resources. Beavers was recently certified as a professional mental health coach and has enrolled in seminary school to pursue her doctorate in ministry and counseling.


Rose has received many recognitions as a leader in behavioral health advocacy:

  • North County, Inc. – Community Development Leadership Award (2022)
  • National Council of Negro Women – East St. Louis Chapter (2019)
  • East St. Louis Proclamation – Unsung Hero (2017)
  • Volunteer Recognition – San Francisco Temple Church for Mental Health Awareness (2017)
  • Wise Owl – Delta Sigma Theta (2016)
  • Inspiring St. Louisan Award – NAACP (2011)
  • Phenomenal Woman – Center for Racial Harmony (2011)
  • Entrepreneur Award – Phi Delta Kappa, Alpha Nu Chapter (2010)
  • Torch Light Award for Working with Teens (2010)
  • Grace Hill Settlement House Patch Center – Volunteer (2007, 2008)


Rose has been a mentor, consultant, colleague, coach, and friend. We met her over a year ago, and I consider our relationship a blessing. When I was ready to level up as an entrepreneur, she was right there as an advisor. She coached me to step out on Faith as I built the platform to serve others in the Faith-based community as it relates to mental wellness.

– Neva Brooks, MBA, BSN, RN
Certified Life Coach CTA, ICF Accreditation
Diamond Sharp Coach, LLC – Nurses’ Coach
Mental Health Advocate

This past year, I was able to self-publish my first book and I couldn’t have done that without Rose. She is a wonderful mentor, coach, speaker, and an extremely accomplished author. She does everything in excellence and I highly recommend others to utilize her services.”

– Dr. Brandy S. Peoples, Ph.D.
Psychologist, Minister, and Author

“Rose shared with her staff that as a child, she was interested in the welfare of others, their mental being, and stability. Her mother introduced the concept of counseling to her family early on, so she had life experiences to channel her expertise in knowing that counseling can be good medicine for everyone. Her mother also took her to church, and it was there she learned the church is a hospital for folks who can be saved. I am thankful for her life experiences and creativity to produce this program for the faith-based community. We are truly saved by her work.”

– Geraldine Smith First Lady
New Beginning MB Church President
First Ladies Network-FAVOR: Connecting Families
Family of Love Divine Church

“From the day I met Rose, I could tell she believe in what she does. She has a great passion for helping pastors and their congregations get the training they need to help deal with mental health challenges. The training has equipped me as a pastor to better serve our members with mental health diagnoses and those with other mental health challenges.”

– Pastor Rose Mary Jackson-Moore
Family of Love Divine Church