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Find Rose through various media channels, involving TV interviews, newspaper articles, and virtual & in-person presentations.

St. Louis organization equips Black churches to serve members with mental health needs

“We’re providing free services to those individuals who do not have health insurance and need that kind of support,” Jackson-Beavers said.

Changing the narrative behind mental illness within the Black church

“We ask the pastors to preach from the pulpit… since a lot of it started from the pulpit we have to change it from the pulpit,” said Jackson-Beavers.

Black churches enlist mental health pros to support community

“The training builds on the work faith leaders are already doing to support their communities, said senior program manager Rose Jackson-Beavers. In addition to the tools of faith and prayer, clergy can now offer resources, education and awareness, and refer people to professional therapists in the network.”

Bridges to Care and Recovery 100 Trained Churches Celebration

“In the Black Community, behavioral health disorders are often stigmatized and, as a result, go undiagnosed and untreated.”

Episode 4 – Systematic Approaches to Behavioral Health with BHN

“…this ensures that people get treatment before their illnesses become more serious, more complex, and more difficult and costly to treat. All three of these women [Ms. Jackson-Beavers included] work at approaching systemic change and improvement to the behavioral health system in and with different spaces in the community.”

Reducing the Stigma of Mental Health One Church at at Time Temple Church of Christ of the Apostolic Faith, Inc.

Girl, Who Don’t You Know

Death by Suicide Symposium, Part III at Lane Tabernacle

Speaking at the East St. Louis Delta Sigma Theta, Book Signing

BWABC 2014 Interview with Rose Jackson-Beavers